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Politics: Powerful countries and individuals nowadays have political control over the whole world, not only their country. The United States is an example of a country that influences the whole of the world politics.

I believe globalization is a positive development generating more trade and hence welfare of the whole world. Nevertheless it also has some significant disadvantages which should not be forgotten. These include:

Increasing trends in migration of labor to developing countries as large firms shift their production to developing countries.
Some powerful people and countries control the whole world
Loss of jobs in countries that cannot compete with larger firms

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Globalization means the transformation of the world into a single soceity where there are very few barriers in terms of culture, economics and otherwise.

Economic globalization means the free movement of resources across the world. these include goods and services, people, capital and technology. in other words it means integration hundreds of markets and economics into a single very large market or economy.


The world has become a huge market where you can buy and sell things produced in any part of world. There are alot of international brands operating worldwide.

So due to this the current markets of nation suffer alot because they are not able to compete with international brands.

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Inequality Due To Globalization

Globalization has thrown open varied challenges such as inequality across and within

different nations, volatility in financial market spurt open and there were

worsening in the environmental situation. Another negative aspect of globalization

was that a majority of third world countries stayed away from the entire limelight.

Till the nineties, the process of globalization in the Indian economy had been

guarded by trade, investment and financial barriers. Due to this, the liberalization

process took time to hasten up. The pace of globalization did not start that


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Effects of Globalization On International Economics:

Globalization has been one of the most hotly debated topics in international

economics over the past few years. Globalization has also generated significant

international opposition over concerns that it has increased inequality and

environmental degradation.In the Midwestern United States, globalization has

eaten away at its competitive edge in industry and agriculture, lowering the quality

of life in locations that have not adapted to the change.

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Globalization is leading us to all having one culture, economy and everything. Thats bad because if it works people will be the same everywhere and everyone prespective on certain issues will get closer and closer.

The problem of globalization is that where countries have tariff protections it make it more difficult for other countries to enter the market. there is also the problem of countries where wages are low and there are no safety standards flooding a market with cheap goods and damaging local markets and industries. there is a risk of traditional skills being lost as there is no demand for local goods, but there are no alternative jobs available and the local economy suffers alot.

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Disadvantages of globalization are as follows:

1. Globalization is causing europeans to lose their jobs as work is being outsourced to asian countries. The cost of laboor in asian countries is low as compare to other countries.

2. The high rate of profit for the companies in asia has resulted in a pressure of the european employees, who are always under the threat of business being outsourced.

3.Companies are opening their counterparts in other countries. this result in transferring the quality of their products to other countries, thereby increasing the chances of deprection in terms of quality.

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First thanks to all those who comment on my blog.

United state of america is the first country to protest against the negative effects of globalization in 1999. This protest was made by the labours because of the cheaper import from india, china and pakistan.

The main effect of globalization is the shirking of world. A business in india can have just as much influence on your business as a business across the street. Since that business in india will pay different taxes and is subject to different laws and has different cost you might be at an extreme disadvantage when attempting to compete with this business. the eventually impact of globalization
could be very positive or very negative depending on your viewpoint...